Big bank CEOs to meet with Obama on shutdown

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Mnuchin on Sunday called these six big bank ceos and he talked about the idea that there are fears out there with liquidity.. The last time they had a face- to-face meeting was on Saturday.

The chief executives of large banks including Goldman Sachs will meet with President Barack Obama this week as Wall Street urges Congress to end the budget stalemate in Washington.

The chief executives of large banks including Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) will meet with President Barack Obama on Tuesday as Wall Street urges Congress to end the.

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Congress voted on Monday to end a three-day U.S. government shutdown, approving another short-term funding bill as Democrats accepted promises from Republicans for a broad debate later on the future of young illegal immigrants.The fourth temporary funding bill since October.

Inside Obama’s bank CEOs meeting.. – men used to being the most powerful man in almost any room – sized up a new president who made clear in ways big and small that he expected them to.

KEYWORDS Goldman Sachs Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Sachs Lloyd Blankfein Michael Corbat President Barack Obama shutdown Chief executives of the nation’s top banks will meet with President Barack Obama on.

Our President Trump met with the CEO’s of various small and community banks earlier today as part of the financial reform that underpins much of the overall trump economic agenda. Previously President Trump issued an executive order which modified, actually tiered, the choking rules, regulations and compliance reporting within Dodd-Frank banking rules which buried smaller.

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But now, with the government shutdown. economy, big business interests are clamoring for Republicans to back down and pass a budget with no delay-ObamaCare strings attached. On Wednesday, President.

Investors are betting that stimulus efforts by the European Central Bank will keep rates persistently low. in documents.

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