Judge tosses whistleblower letter, limits discovery in Zillow-Move suit

Radian 4Q earnings hit $36.4 million A month has gone by since the last earnings report for Radian Group Inc. RDN. Shares have added about 10% in that time frame. Will the recent positive trend continue leading up to its next.

09/04/2018 Judge nixes parts of lawsuit by deputy who tossed SC student 09/04/2018 Judge to rule if anti-gay killing suspect faces murder trial 09/04/2018 MLB Aaron Judge begins t

Lifetime Limits Under PPACA, “DIE” CASTE: No Need to Save?, REFORM “ORATORY”: 8% of Employers Very Likely’ to Drop Health Care, PAY “SCALE?”: Median Pay Expected to Rise in 2011: Hay Group, SUIT.

The liberal principle of equality before the law remains intact allowing both sides to make their case before a judge, not by appeal to the Secretary. including an open letter from 25+ Liberal.

Fannie Mae planning first actual loss credit risk-sharing deal A Small mortgage loan small Mortgage loan mortgage loan with an original loan amount less than or equal to $6 million and underwritten per Part III: Products and Features, Chapter 9. is a Mortgage Loan Mortgage loan mortgage debt obligation evidenced, or when made will be evidenced, by the Loan Documents or a mortgage debt obligation with a Fannie Mae credit enhancement. with an original loan amount of less than or equal to $6 million and underwritten per this Chapter.

Judge tosses out lawsuit against Duke U. by student who refused to take LSAT Climatologist’s sea-level rise study disputes climate-disaster predictions – In many cases, ‘half of the sea-level rise is really from land sinking’ ‘Ensure the citizens in the 9th District will have a voice in the 116th Congress’

Oil company Kerr-McGee (now a unit of Anadarko Petroleum) underpaid $7.5 million in royalties according to a jury verdict reached in Denver yesterday in a whistleblower lawsuit filed by former.

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Judge tosses lawsuit over FBI surveillance of California mosques.. It has now become clear that this automated license plate readers technology, if we do not limit its use, will represent a significant step toward the creation of a surveillance society in US. Eight letters to feds/op-eds are all written after nudges from a PR firm repping.

Former Accenture exec invests in Class Valuation as CEO "With a $3.75 billion market cap, PG&E is facing an estimated $30+ billion in lawsuits for damages from the wildfires. That $27 billion gap between valuation and potential liabilities-combined with a drop in share price from a high of $49 to its current $5-would give any C-suite executive team and board the existential shivers.

Judge Tosses Another Whistleblower Suit Against For-Profit Law School Chain – Law.com, Judge Tosses Another Whistleblower Suit Against For-Profit Law School Chain: For-profit law school operator InfiLaw Corp. has dodged a third whist.